More often than not, the local planners require an element of commercial within schemes. This is often the sweetener to obtain your desired scheme.

Unfortunately we know what happens next.

The commercial is often a smaller element of the scheme and overall GDV and it is difficult to justify the focus of your development teams who’s key driver and speciality is in delivering the residential. The planners may not give consideration to the viability of uses in terms of current demand and potential investment value and you can end up with a consent that is not appropriate for the location.

Forty has identified a requirement to assist Housing Associations and developers, with the commercial content of mixed use schemes, either during the early stage architectual or planning process.. This ensures that commercial considerations are taken into account to enhance and genuinely add value to the scheme as a whole.

Our core experience is in delivering commercial schemes in partnership with Housing Associations and private developers. Examples of the differing approaches can be seen in the Case Study section. Whether it be use, build, specification & layout configurations or market considerations, Forty provides full spectrum advice from an early stage, to ensure that the commercial is not an afterthought.